Healthcare Services

Healthcare companies hire Go Logic for GeoAccess consulting and to map network provider accessibility. Identifying the proximity of clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities to potential patients is vital to service proposals, provider relations, and patient-practitioner research.

We conduct spatial research to help determine the market demand for medical practices. Factors that we examine are healthcare facility and practitioner sites, demographics, case history, and socioeconomic characteristics of a defined area. Our analyses highlight the components and processes at work in a region that may influence the success of existing or newly established practices and clinics. Pharmaceutical and healthcare providers benefit from SpatiaLogic's market penetration studies, disruption analyses, and service territory patient/demographic profiles. Our services will help you identify gaps in service regions, reach new patients, and access current patient care programs.

Selected Go Logic Healthcare Services Clients

  • APS Healthcare
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Medical Eye Services
  • MetLife
  • Pfizer
  • Value Options