Political Services

Go Logic, a non-partisan firm, is the ideal source for tracking and targeting voters, illustrating polls, and pinpointing specific national and international populations. Our expertise with political districts and working with voter data has helped triumphant candidates, political organizations, and research firms.

Go Logic manages boundaries for every voter precinct, state legislative, and congressional district in the United States. We have produced maps for a variety of political contests, from a city supervisorial race to the nation's presidency. Our international experience includes national-level projects in Canada and Dominican Republic.

Information on Redistricting

SpatiaLogic has mapped more than one billion individual votes and voters.

Pollie Award Winner

Political Maps

Go Logic has maps for any political race. Investment: Starting at $220.

Political Maps Include:

  • Campaign Walking
  • Demographic Profiles
  • GOTV
  • Election Reporting
  • Media Buy-Coverage
  • Party Registration
  • Poll Results
  • Rolling Track
  • Redistricting
  • Reprecincting
  • Swing Districts
  • Voter Indices
  • Voter Support
  • Voter Turnout

Areas Mapped Include:

  • Americas, Europe, Pacific Rim
  • Congressional Districts
  • State Legislative Districts
  • States, Counties & Cities
  • Voter Precincts
  • Area & LAX Phone Exchanges
  • City/County Council Districts
  • School-College Districts
  • Cable Systems
  • Media Markets
  • Neighborhoods
  • ZIP Codes
  • Census Defined Areas
  • Custom Districts

District-Address Matching

Go Logic provides political district-address matching services to support government relations, campaign research, mailings, GOTV efforts, and redistricting. We can accurately match membership records to any political district. Accuracy is to the street address level, a much greater precision than ZIP Code matches.

You name it, we can match it. Districts matched: congressional districts, legislative districts, county commissioner seats, city councils, school districts, neighborhoods, and voter precincts.

SpatiaLogic Address Matching Services: Investment: Typically is $0.01 per record. Minimum Order: $250. Turnaround time:1-5 days. Confidentiality Agreement on all records processed. Data provided in Excel, DBF, TXT, or Access formats.

Selected SpatiaLogic Political Clients:

  • CNN
  • DNC
  • National Cable Communications
  • San Francisco Department of Elections
  • Wirthlin Worldwide/Harris Interactive

Sample Political Maps