A selected listing of key personnel:

Danny Dean, Senior GIS Specialist

Danny joined SpatiaLogic in 2007 after earning his B.A. in Environmental Science at the University of Virginia, focusing on geology and GIS. Before coming aboard, he helped convert UVa’s Geospatial and Statistical Data Center to the Scholar’s Lab, a new state-of-the art facility for geo-research computing. Since joining our team, he has taken over most of the map production, database management, and geospatial reporting operations. He enjoys working at SpatiaLogic because he helps people view their world in a different way. His work goals tend to focus on streamlining methodologies and procedures, resulting in increased efficiency in meeting client deadlines and reducing customer costs. While not producing the finest custom spatial products on the market, Danny is an avid gamer, cook and reader. He spends his free time at his home in Charlottesville, VA, with his wife Janice and two cats, Jinx and Horatio, who think they run the place.

Larry Dolton, Chief Technical Engineer

Larry, a software developer, geographer, sound engineer, and web technologist, enjoys crafting digital components that enhance understanding and enjoyment. He has been involved with digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) for 20 years and professional sound engineering for 10 years. Larry's primary focus is working with clients in defining, developing, organizing, and implementing effective digital map and media applications.

Larry holds a Masters of Urban Studies degree from Portland State University. The degree focused on software development of digital mapping and geographic applications. Larry earned a Certificate in Sound Engineering from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and English from Lewis and Clark College. Lawrence has presented papers at a variety of GIS conferences and has published articles in Geospatial Solutions, GIS World, and Business Geographics